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Here is the Antique shoppe where the Genie Ponies hide and play, awaiting random Ponies to mess around with.

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You must be a co-owner to make Genies

There are rules to the Species, see ref sheet:

If you'd like to make a Subspecies, contact PrincessxAngie!


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Anisa is the original Genie pony, her origins are unknown, even to her, one day a pony rubbed her lamp and that is her first memory of existence, it is said she was created by only the strongest magic, or perhaps she is of changeling decent, as genies can alter their appearance to attract a mate, but the truth may never be known.

Anisa wonders the nature and finds either broken glass or an pieces of metal or precious gems and puts it in her lamp and incubates it as it grows into a lamp or bottle and an tiny tiny fetus grows inside-- the new genie. (Special thanks to Storm-The-BUN for this idea) This is a power, so far, that only Anisa holds, other genies re-produce like any other pony. Anisa can also reproduce like other ponies.

The life cycle of a Genie is simple, within a few months of incubation, the new genie is formed, and then only 2-3 days after that they are a full-grown filly or colt. They age to a young adult rapidly, and then their aging slows and they live for hundreds of thousands of years, their true lifespan is unknown, and they could be immortal, as far as dying of old age goes.

Dangers to a genie's life are very scarce, as aging isn't a problem. The major danger is their lamp or bottle breaking. Their lamp/bottle contains their magic, their life force. If their Lamp/Bottle breaks, the genie dies. This is why bottles are more rare than lamps, Anisa thinks of all genies as her child, and glass is a lot easier to break than the other materials. She doesn't often put that burden on her children.  When a genie is young, she will often keep close watch on them, and protects them from even themselves.
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klkjr Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Genie-Ponies To anyone who may read this, what's the story behind this group and how it came to be?
Storm-The-BUN Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please look at the journals 
Princess-Austin Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
The story isn't that exciting haha, I (the creator of the species and group) came up with the idea of a genie pony while doodling and watching Disney's Aladdin, so I searched it up to see if anyone had done it before. There were a couple genie-like ponies, but none like mine. So, I posted a couple and my friends wanted ones too, so I came up with set rules and such. I made the mascot and decided to make this group to more or less document and keep up with all the genies :)